Sponsored By:   Montville Soccer Association
Montville, NJ
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Saturday April 1, 2017  U9-U15


Locations:    Games will be played on the Montville Camp Dawson and Community Park Fields including outdoor state-of-the-art turf soccer fields.


Boys and Girls 

U9-U10   7 v 7 
U11 - U12   9 v 9

U13 – U15  11 v 11
Please Note: Divisions will be split by age if possible.


State affiliated "club" teams.
Out-of-State affiliated "club" teams.

U13 - U14 have a Max of 18 Players
U9 - U12 rosters have a maximum 16 players


Entry Fees:    

U9 - U10                     $285 per team.

U11 – U12                  $295  per team

U13 - U15                   $310 per team







Application and entry fee are due by March 20th.


U9 - U12    Medals will be given to all participants.


U13 - U15    Medals for 1st place




Tournament patches will be given to all participants.  All teams are encouraged to exchange club patches.


U9 - U10 (small-sided) will play 50-minute games (25-minute halves) with a 3-minute half-time.  2 games guaranteed.

U11 – U12   (Intermediate Sided)  will Play 50 minute games (25 minute halves) 3 minute half-time,  2 games guaranteed

U13 – U15              (Full sided) will play 54 minute games (27 minute halves) 3 minute half time.  2 games guarenteed 

Entry Process:

Please complete application and roster and return with appropriate entry fee payable  MSA 

Application and entry fee due by March 20th

All checks mailed to Jeff Axelrad, 12 Masar Road, Boonton, NJ 07005        


For More info email Frank Maggiore at or 

Jeff Axlerad at






Click for Team Application





          Tournament Rules












All games will be played according to current MNJYSA rules with the following exceptions:

  • U9, U10 (small-sided) will play 50-minute games (25-minute halves) with a 3-minute half-time.
  • In the event of a tie game (small-sided), the score will remain a tie.
  • U11 –U12 (intermediate sided) will play 50 minute games (25 minute halves) with a 3 minute half time.
  • In the event of a tie game (intermediate sided) the score will remain a tie.
  • U13 - U15 Full Sided 54 minute games (27 Minute Halves) with 3 Minute Half time
  • Substitutions will be allowed on goal kicks, your own throw-in, after goals, and at half-time.
  • No protests will be allowed.  Decision of the referee will be final.
  • Secondary passes are not permitted for any divisions.
  • No added injury time.
  • 80% registration refund if Tournament is cancelled by Tournament officials for any reason.
  • Teams from outside the state of New Jersey must have a copy of “Permission to Travel Form” approved and signed by a USSF 
  • Representative.


Each team will play 2 games; 


In flights with 4 teams

The winners of the first game in each flight will play each other for first and second  place in their second game. Losers in the first game of each flight will play each other for third and fourth place in their second game. 

In the event of a tie, the game winner will be the team with the greatest # corner kicks. In the event of a corner kick tie, the first game goal scored win goes to that team. (Example; Final Score tied @ 1-1 & Corner Kicks tied @ 3-3 – Win goes to the team who scored a goal first) If score is 0-0 and corner kicks are tied, penalty shots will be used to determine the winning team. For U-12 and under all ties will stand in all flight formats. 


In flights with three teams

Points shall be awarded by the following system to determine a flight winner. 

Win 3 points 

Tie 1 point 

Loss 0 points 

Bonus points will be awarded to a winning team to be used as tie breakers. One bonus point will be awarded for each goal a winning team scores in a game up to a maximum of three. 

Thus a team winning by 3-0, 5-0 or 6-3 would receive 3 points. 

In case of a tie for flight winner or runner-up the tie shall be broken in the following manner. 

a. most wins 

b. head to head competition (if only two teams are tied) 

c. bonus points 

d. most goals – differential of 6 per game. Thus a team winning 6-0 counts 6 goals, 7-0 counts 6 goals, 7-1 counts 7 goals. 

e. goals against 

f. penalty kick shoot-out as governed by FIFA rules             

   Send application with checks to  

 Jeff Axelrad   12 Masar Road ,Boonton, NJ 07005